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Houzz Bad

By | 29.09.2019

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Innovative Badideen bringen nicht nur für kleine Bäder große Verbesserungen. Sorgen Sie für Aha- und Spa-Momente im Bad! Auf Houzz finden Sie tausende. Ist das Bad zusätzlich etwas kleiner, ist das Gestaltungsgeschick des Badplaners gefragt. Auf Houzz finden Sie schöne Bilder und Ideen von verschiedenen. Bad unterm Dach - Contemporary - Bathroom - Berlin - by Badkultur Berlin. Familien-Bad - Contemporary - Bathroom - Munich - by Manghofer Gas-Sanitär-​Heizung GmbH. Ein Bad, das ans Schlafzimmer grenzt, ist sehr modern. Vor- und Nachteile eines Bads en suite gibt's im Magazin unter

Houzz Bad

Juli werden Culture Abuse mit „Good Shit, Bad Shit, Who Gives A Shit?“ ein Livealbum und gleichzeitig eine Compilation via Epitaph Records. Duschentyp; Duschabtrennung; Waschbecken; Toilette; Wandfarbe; Bodenbelag; Bodenfarbe; Ausstattung; Sortieren. Badbeleuchtung. Bad; Badezimmer. Ein Bad, das ans Schlafzimmer grenzt, ist modern – aber auch praktisch? Wie es geht, was dafür spricht und was dagegen. Marie Striewe. Houzz. Geburtstag auf dem Betriebsgelände in Bad Oeynhausen. Haben Sie Fragen Anfrage. Ralf Schick. Bad Windsheim Seekapelle. Juni feierte die Firma Schildmeyer ihren Sicher — als Notdienst Installateur sind wir in Wien und Niederösterreich rasch zur Stelle, wenn eine Abflussverstopfung im Ablaufrohr droht, eine mittelschwere Katastrophe entstehen zu lassen. Aber eine Spendenbox steht am Kiosk bereit. Dies gilt voraussichtlich auch für alle literarischen Gäste. Binnen 20 bis 45 Minuten sind wir in Wien vor Ort und beheben das Problem. Für die Evangelischen in Regensburg ist es wie ein Weihnachtsgeschenk: Die Dreieinigkeitskirche wird nach Sanierungsphase von 15 Monaten am Heiligen Abend wiedereröffnet - und damit ein Vierteljahr früher als geplant. Literaturfestival Nordschwaben im Jahr Auf dem Marktplatz an der "Ziegelhütte", wie die Dekanin den Kiosk nennt, ist wenig los. Einige von ihnen sind essenziell learn more here den Betrieb der Seite, während andere uns helfen, diese Website und die Nutzererfahrung zu verbessern Tracking Cookies.

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Pölten Hollabrunn. Warum überhaupt renoviert werden musste, erläutert Pfarrer Rüdiger Hadlich. Sonntagmorgen, kurz nach zehn Uhr, der Gottesdienst ist gerade vorbei. Die Anstrengungen sind erfolgreich: Alle Veranstalter aus diesem Jahr wollen auch im nächsten dabei sein. Weitere News.

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Gary Reply Cancel. Eye opening! Laurel, Thank you for all your hard investigative work! Tammy Reply Cancel.

I am a proponent of buying local. You can sit on it, feel it, touch it, return it, get service, and support the local trade and economy. I use Houzz for ideas, but never for shopping.

I signed. I learned a lot. Now they are all gone. This will be fascinating to follow. I still have faith in most people. And after the first billion, does the second make one happier?

I would say, definitely not. I have the same faith. Research has determined that the more you have, the more paranoid you become about someone taking it away from you.

Hence, more and more greed. I agree that you are one gutsy gal who I am proud to know through the blog. Making the world beautiful, one space at a time, is a misunderstood blessing we get from designers.

Thanks so much for the lovely comment Ramona! I got on Houzz aout 5 years ago as an Art lighting designer my own original lines. They also contacted me about becoming a Pro member.

I declined for number of reasons. So basically Houzz never helped with anything in 5 years. Trust me, trademark, like copywrite infringement is no joke and you will not hear crickets if they start hearing legal action.

But feel free to pursue. Great investigative journalism! Kudos for rallying the troops. Thanks for sharing that Tashe.

Quite telling. Signed the petition. Really, this is a disgrace. How many others are doing this I wonder? Doing what? Not clear on that.

I have unsubscribed from their email list and I had an account I wanted into a discussion on London Sky quartz and deleted that as well not an easy process.

I never really understood why so many designers love them so much, happy to be off their list. Thank you Laurel. Thank you Eileen! Several years ago, I tried to contact a designer through Houzz.

It never went through. Instead I would receive a Houzz, in house, knock-off an exorbitant prices. After many complaints, I was assured that my contact information would be forwarded to the designer.

Zip, nothing. By coincidence I came upon a article featured by Sunset Magazine, who featured her product design.

I wrote her. She said that she never received anything from Houzz to contact me. She also related that she had several customers who said the same thing.

She was very disappointed that her advertising budget was wasted. She said hopefully with the Sunset Magazine spread.

Thank you for sharing that Michael! Quite frankly, I think that their entire setup is massively messed up.

And look, They sent me, ME for general contracting services! Yes and I totally respect somebody protecting their livelihood! Gonna go make pizza… Reply Cancel.

I dunno about the other though. Not into snooty acting people. But if it works for them, okay! I have mixed feelings about Houzz.

I am in the business and have had an unpaid professional profile on their site since probably I invested a lot of time in tagging photos, writing descriptions and downloading my own images to ideabooks — I figured how it all worked and quickly worked my profile to the top of the list in my area.

And being at the top of the list had benefits — there was a time I was getting so many calls that I was giving projects away to my friends.

Did I get a ton of annoying calls from Houzz wanting me to pay for it? Did I get tire-kickers? Do I still get spam text messages asking me to stage style their new house?

Is it irritating that Houzz tags my pictures incorrectly and tries to sell cheap knock offs to people? No — definitely not!

I knowingly uploaded my work because they offered me a MUCH larger reach than my own little website could offer me.

On the other hand, the ivymark issue is wild and scary — and anyone who is storing their business financial data on any platform that they pay a monthly subscription to should be rethinking that concept.

Unless you totally control the access to your data, you have no idea who that information is, or could be, sold to. And I had a tiny fraction of the traffic I get now.

The danger is… what if they disappeared one day? What if what they were doing DID start to hurt you in some way? But, I have found that people who live in less competitive areas do better with houzz.

As always, stay informed, but understand that there are choices. But the safest is to always have ones platform on their own self-hosted website.

Interesting into on how Houzz operates. As a consumer, I did some research recently and found so many bad reviews and complaints about customer service that I ended up taking my business elsewhere.

Plus the item i wanted was less on another website. Good you checked it out! Hi Laurel…thought provoking as always!

I was curious about the BBB reviews. Clicked through. There were a few positives. All the negatives? HOUZZ shopping experience woes.

Poor consumers. Thanks for the read! Of course, people generally post more negative than positive unless they send the form out to everyone.

Who knows? I laughed out loud when I saw your face on David my dogs looked at me curiously but I quickly saw the seriousness of your post and became angry.

I have a pro Houzz account and I have been hounded by to sign up for their trade program. Thanks for this informative post. They must have a note next to my name.

Do not call Laurel Bern whatever you do. She has teeth. Ya betcha after so many harassing phone calls! I probably threatened to call the police if they ever called me again!

Harassment and stalking IS a crime! Thank you so much for this Laurel! I also have never received anything from my Houzz profile.

A few people looking for free advice. I signed the petition and will be taking my Houzz badges off my website today!

I am heartened by yours and everyone taking this seriously. The badges, that is. Great article, Laurel; I have hated Houzz for a number of years and at one point seriously ruffled some designer feathers with my critticism, which was not levelled at them, but at HOUZZ.

I may be wrong, but it is highly suspicious that there are so few pros with anything good to say about their sizeable investments with the site.

Each lead would never answer their calls, never respond to e-mail to discuss their projects, or otherwise present themselves as real people.

This is just hearsay, but there are enough comments like this that certainly gives one cause for suspicion. However honorable those founders may have been when they developed the site, it seems pretty clear that as soon as HOUZZ dangled the mulit-million dollar carrot under their noses, their integrity went out the window.

Good for you for putting it all out there. Oh, and petition signed. Cheers, Robin Reply Cancel. Everything you say is right on the money!

This is actually a very good question. But designers charge in different ways. Designers are not compensated by a manufacturer. They have a right to purchase at a discount.

A far deeper discount than you, the consumer can purchase at. I went into a deep depression. And there were many other times that I lost thousands as well.

This is so disturbing. Hi Laurel, Thanks for the research and share. However, I signed the petition because companies like Houzz take advantage of the labor of so many people in order to gain their own soaring valuations and ensuing investments.

Thank you so much Kimberly! Public perception is everything for a start-up like Houzz and seriously affects their valuation.

But as other commenters have noted, Houzz needs to work on its image QC. Many of the interiors are looking brown, dated and stale.

Pinterest, Instagram and blogs like yours are much more attractive places to go fantasize. Now that Houzz seems more interested in selling stuff, it is in competition with Overstock, Wayfair — even Amazon — and losing.

Those other sites offer far superior search functions and way better customer service. Their agenda is quite mysterious.

Not mysterious. As you say — plain and simple greed. Sadly so much comes down to money these days. Thanks for all the info — was going to move my website to Houzz — will not be doing that now.

I came to Houzz via gardenweb, during the time when I was planning for a home build. If anything, it created the impression that designers are out of reach, expensive, and definitely out of state.

Plus their push notifications have haunted me beyond understanding disable!! I love your assessment because it gives designers more clarity about the problems here.

And part of the issue is that many designers are reluctant to give out info which I think is foolish. It DOES come across as snobby, unaffordable and elitist.

Thank you once again for another great piece of research, Sherlock Bern!! Signed the petition wholeheartedly.

I see the gaslighting and spin has already begun!! Kudos, Laurel!! Thanks so much! Rotenberg, the spin was making me dizzy!

This and your RH post are so eye opening!! Thank you for sharing. I know you have recommended products from both in the past. However, I have read so many negative reviews, especially about Chairish.

Chairish is by far, the best and largest source for vintage furnishings. But sometimes the vendors do sell on other platforms.

However, you can usually offer a lower price on Chairish. I have a whole new page of vintage pieces, mostly from chairish. I just looked up some of the reviews.

Of course, people are apt to leave negative reviews if unhappy. And both companies have a clean, easy-to-use website.

Wayfair has great deals and very good prices. But just have to say… welcome to my old world. This is a very tough business. I will sign the petition and cease and desist all Houzz activities asap!

But where am I going to find my interior design porn? And instagram too! But insta is difficult to find sometimes.

But please check out my pinterest page and also many of the people I follow. Some of them are extraordinary!

Pinterest has gone through changes too. I had contacted the Ivy team directly to share my grave concerns and that I would be leaving at the end of my subscription ….

Very best, Elizabeth Reply Cancel. I remember a time when it all seemed completely daunting. And while I would never call myself a geek, I know enough to be dangerous to those who have nefarious agendas.

But I learned what I know over time as things came up. Most of it is not very difficult at all. Across all platforms,these shenanigans are going on.

Sometimes monetized bigly like Houzz or FB or Cambridge Analytics ,sometimes small,sometimes just plagiarism for reputation.

When that last came up in a search,I howled. Just came to me this morning. Maybe when I saw something on Houzz at a wildly inflated price.

Keep fighting the good fight,Ms. But save energy too for all the beauty that surrounds us and that you so often bring. Thank you Varya. Everything you say is true.

It is like the wild west. I have just unsubscribed from Houzz, added my name to the petition, and look forward to someday hiring a great designer.

Keep up the good work! Fabulous and thank you Diana! Thank you for another well-researched piece, Laurel, as disappointing as it was to read.

I stumbled across this because while building a house, I got to know various light fixtures from the manufacturer websites. The maddening thing is that at least for more remote areas of Canada, Wayfair is often the only, or the best-priced source, for certain home furnishings.

I very much like the US Wayfair, now some Vendors do not divulge their sources and this is across the board on the internet. They are trying to avoid getting shopped and who can blame them?

They are not claiming it as their own product, just saying private label or something. My trick is to put the photo in google images and usually, some vendor is carrying it and stating who the source is.

We also ran into another problem before, which was that some companies will only sell certain styles east of the Mississippi.

It seems that all of the good, classical styles are only for the eastern consumer. Google imaging does work.

You bring up some great points. Private labeling is a practice that almost every online site does that carries multiple brands and that is absolutely fine.

About the last part. But even if they do, all you need to do is ship it to a receiver east of the Mississippi, who does.

And I used at least one delivery in North Carolina who ships all over the country. Shipping and handling is expensive!

And I use google images about 40 times a week, or more. No exaggeration! The sales contact was pushy, outright lied to me, then basically insulted how my business would grow because I was not going with IVY.

I went with Mydoma, love them and was thrilled you gave them notice. Did I mention I love them!?! For 3 years I have had a point of contact that was there to assist in helping you keep your account updated.

I could count on once a year a phone call for signing a contract for the next year, reviewing my account and offering assistance.

They would assist with key words and getting your client to leave a good review. The idea was how get the most from your Pro membership and how to get Houzz Pro of the year badges.

Badges are given out based on pictures uploaded, and client reviews and free advice given. For two years they were great, it was easy advertising for us and great place to refer clients to as our website is way to complicated for adding information too.

We are currently changing that. We were not expecting big projects out of Houzz, we used it as a platform to keep our name out there in the awkward market we live in.

I have heard nothing from Houzz. No major announcement. Before late last fall I could count on being invited at least once a month to a Houzz Educational seminar.

That is no longer offered. About a month ago the phone calls to us changed once again. Houzz had not reached out to us via email, phone or any other way to explain the changes going on.

I am in the dark. If an inquiry is put in from a potential client and I do not respond within an hour through the site, I get multiple emails about the client I am missing, even when the inquiry comes in at 9pm on a Saturday.

The qualifying questionnaire is far from qualifying and very vague. As Designer, the Trade Program is exactly what you described and how I found out about the lack of true discount was sitting with my website developer and having her price items as a consumer while I priced as a designer.

A complete joke. It is almost the Google of product finding, but then I find the source and laugh because I have trade accounts with the source and match for prices.

My contract is a split on the savings. As a source for finding retail prices it can be helpful. That said I have watched their prices change on products within a 2 week span.

Needless to say Monday is coming and Houzz is going, and I signed the petition weeks ago through another platform.

Oh, not too much information at all, Suzi. In fact, these corroborations are exactly what I was hoping for as they augment and strengthen the points in the post.

I had the other too and it just sat there. And that is death to a website. It needs to be constantly changing so that Google knows that something is going on.

Laurel, thank-you for bringing this issue to our attention! Houzz must be held accountable for their dishonest business practices. The letters left by both disgruntled consumer purchasers and professional service providers were consistent in presenting a picture of a company with an unethical business model.

I will no longer trust BBB, either. I forgot to add that I have signed the petition and used the twitter link.

Again, thanks for all you do to educate us! These are rare posts, but important too, I think. Unfortunately, BBB is a sham too.

Money talks, sadly. The really unfortunate part about it is that consumers think these places can be trusted and are looking out for them and they are definitely not.

With no permission from the designers, nor without any form of compensation. Houzz takes these images and tags them for advertising of brands.

The designers have no say, no shared compensation, and were Never even asked if this was acceptable. The brands that are being misrepresented also had no say.

Ivy purchase : With all the purchases and client information stored in their database. Why have they made this purchase?

The other reason may be to offer this platform to the consumer directly on Houzz, as a form of DIY tool — which would quite simply undercut the designers they are using to create a site to begin with!

Leaving Houzz: many designers have complained, as I myself noticed the one time I tried, you are negatively impacted once you try and remove your entire Houzz library.

Thank you Laurel for your amazing post and solid research. This is a very tricky situation and hoping something positive comes from it.

Jennifer Reply Cancel. Thank you Jennifer and your comment really drove home the situation I merely touched on with the opium table.

So, thank you for making that more clear. I only had a few pics up. I wrote them. LOL Reply Cancel. I never liked Houzz—I found the search function clunky and found little variation in their images.

This post was a nice expose no accent available alas! PR snafu. It has been so helpful to me, as a non designer muddling my way through various remodels.

As you well know, there are endless details in a kitchen remodel and a picture is so helpful to those of us that are visual people.

I have used it to hone in on the exact tile, grout color, cabinet pull, etc that completed the look I was going for.

It is so handy to have all those images that you can save and compare and scrutinize…. I also find the misleading tags dumb. You find a light that you love and hit the tag and it shows you 10 lights that are NOT the one pictured.

It gets less helpful when it concerns a paint color — the suggestions are stupid. I have not bought anything from Houzz. I did find a light fixture I really liked but the size was wrong.

I went to the source listed on Houzz and found it in a larger size and bought it. The price listed for the smaller fixture was the same on Houzz as it was on the retailers web site.

All that being said, I still value the images. I think it is horrible they are ripping off designs and copying them!

I will sign the petition! Thanks for the great article. Oh you mean like lawyers? When we did a major kitchen remodel 15 years ago, I was able to become an EXPERT at appliance specs, learn basic layout and design principles, and research how real homeowners liked or dislike things from faucets to ranges to knobs and pulls.

This helped me work easily with our contractor, subs, decorator, and to budget and plan a successful project.

Supported by pop ups, but otherwise free of sales content. Then it was purchased by Houzz, and all of that changed.

Now it is filled with links to sales sites, there is little to no homeowner problem, other homeowners chiming in with helpful comments or solutions.

I am grateful for all of the knowledge I have gained in the past and wish that the old site was around for my kids to use now that they are adults.

This is an eye opener. App deleted and petition signed. Thank you!!!! Thank you Mary! When I started interior design study a few years ago, I thought a Houzz account would be a good way for me to follow what designers were doing, and eventually to feature my own work.

I purchased several rugs and other household goods from Houzz accounts in August or September, and was pleased I had completed holiday shopping so early.

I got confirmation of the orders, filed them, and relaxed. I had to scramble like crazy to replace holiday gifts, and redesign areas around new rugs.

Multiple attempts to shut down my Houzz account went unanswered, as did my complaints to customer service. Laurel, if you can format this piece for Instagram, I will repost it.

Or right click it and save. It can also be shared on all social media platforms. Who knew? My question is, though, how much money does Houzz make through their sales?

So who is buying from Houzz? Interestingly, I found Houzz and your site a couple of years ago when we purchased our house and I was needing guidance regarding decorating.

Even before this I stopped browsing Houzz, but I read your blog and search the older posts every time you send one.

Thanks for all you share with us! Good question. I loved the gardenweb. It somehow got swallowed up by houzz. I can find it sometimes, sometimes I have to go through houzz.

Often I just give up. I like it too. Laurel thank you so much for this post and taking the time to thoroughly describe and teach anyone who reads it about the practices at Houzz.

I have signed the petition and find Houzz despicable. The red walls, the coffee table and the feeling of warmth and cohesiveness are utterly charming.

Wish you lived closer to North Carolina. Thank you so much Gayle! I refuse to pester my clients for reviews to get badges.

Most clients want their designs protected anyway and prefer to not be in the spotlight. I started using gardenweb.

It was a fabulous place to exchange ideas and ask and offer advice. No ads, no heavy marketing, nothing but community of interested people.

I love the Garden Web too, but did not know its history. Oh Debra! I figured that was about the wholesale price at Four Hands. And thank you for your disclosure.

Designer net less a third is wholesale. That sounds right. Now, many companies like four hands, for instance Zentique, GJ Styles, etc.

Thank you for writing this. I am disappointed in the Ivy girls for selling to Houzz myself as they built a great brand and community and got greedy and took the big check without doing their proper research.

I happened to have had worked at Houzz and it was a terrible experience. The man who run the Orange County office has previously a sexual harassment lawsuit against him about 2 years before I joined and the founders paid the girl out.

He was a disgusting person and the majority of the people who worked they were clueless about how the interior design industry worked.

It was all about the sale and getting people to commit to paying them. When they launched the furniture sales program they went about it in the same way and had no strategy and that is still clear to this day when you look at it.

They would go in wayfair and one kings lane and just track down the vendors and harass them and provide empty promises to get their aggressive goal of millions of products on to the site.

When the CEO came to visit quarterly they would do a town hall meeting and, I kid you not, not talk about the people who made Houzz- Houzz, or talk about metrics but who was engaged, pregnant, married or had a baby.

As an ambitious educated woman my voice was not heard when I expressed my concerned and I decided to leave as I felt suppressed and demotivated.

Sure they paid well- threw money at their employees just like they did Ivy- but I decided I rather make less and use my brain and grow as a person then be in that environment.

I feel sad for all the designers I recommended to use Ivy now as they have been subjected to exploitation by Houzz.

Laurel- thank you for taking the time to put this message out. It needed to be said and you are brave to go up against a giant company like Houzz.

Oh wow! I was hoping I would get lucky and someone who was on the inside would comment. So, thank you for this most interesting look inside the giant.

None of it surprises me in the slightest. There is some speculation that the Ivy merger was all set from the get-go.

If so, then their comments on FB would be most disturbing to me. The whole thing is really a shame. It could be a wonderful website, but the way it is… no.

Yep — I became suspicious of Houzz a long time ago and felt they were irrelevant beyond a few articles of interest. They are not a worthy vendor at all maybe even evil and you are my hero once again, Laurel, for outing them!!

Definitely signing whatever you want me to. Not everybody has the time to go running around doing their research and designers like you that have a proven track record are golden when it comes to being of assistance.

Experience in things like determining the size of the rug and scale of furniture is so crucial.

I want to make it easier for you and other talents to succeed! Thank you Divnanata for such a darling note. Much appreciated!

Thank you for this great post and all of the research! Ugly truth, indeed. Hi Karen!!! Nice to see you here!

Thanks for signing. I dunno. Their MO is to say nothing. Do nothing. Great detective work.

When you click on a tag you no longer go to information on the piece that was actually used…now it seems to be advertised items.

Thank you. Greed does many companies in. Yes, it does. Go Laurel!! Then in your caption talk about the post and then put the link in your profile.

I AM also surprised at the degree of what they are doing that is unethical and so detrimental to the very source that made them what they are.

Well, this all IS a big deal, there is so much theft of design, ideas, and out right copyright violations going on.

Very frustrating in our social media oriented world. Good to hear about the Designer creating a group based on her Website instead of Facebook!

I will sign up!! Everyone needs to do that. I am not on Facebook, similar to the Houzz issues, they take rights to our images, dictate what we do, and are very controlling trying to force their political and other platforms on FB members accounts.

People have been very naive when it comes to what Facebook does and accesses. My stomach was literally turning reading one thing after another, after another.

Everyone needs to COPY your BLOG post to not only tell others, but have your documented examples to show the vast discrepancies in pricing and prove their discounts are a joke!

Too many consumers or even clients think they can DIY or work partially with a Designer, bypassing us to get even better pricing, this really clears that up if we can get the word out and show people what reality is!

Not to mention what happens if they make a mistake, have problem with the order, damage, wrong size, etc.!

And we can get better pricing. Keep up the fantastic work you do on this blog giving the straight scoop for consumers and designers alike!

You are like a one woman army, Laurel! We will all be your troops! Yes, to all! Thank you for such a thoughtful comment Jackie!

You rock! Thank you, Laurel! I just deactivated my Houzz account. Just one more thing to hate! Laurel, thank you SO much for sharing this!

You did wonderful work gathering all the information and exposing them. I would love to see designers join our Interior Design Revolution group as well as IDC- we are an action based group with a focus on bettering the perception of interior designers.

Please join us, Laurel- we need your strength! Just to let people know… this is a facebook group for interior designers.

Thanks Rachel! Link in this reply directs to the Interior Design Revolution group on Facebook.

Some of the issues you site are common data entry or systems issues for an ecomm site. Others are common problems for a site with a partner program.

You will see a lot of these issues on Amazon, Walmart, etc. Working in ecomm myself, I can say it takes an enormous effort and is very expensive to assure better quality than this.

Is that what you mean Ben? I have signed the petition. Thank you Laurel for educating us on this and so much more.

So glad I found your website and blog. Following your advice I have learned so much and saved so much money.

Thank you Karen! Well, there you go again, Laurel! I am in awe of your writing, educating, decorating style, honesty, and balls.

And, of course, humor. Haha, Davida! Thank you so much for putting such time and detail into your posts. What GINA said.

Incredible article. Well done Laurel! Thank you Melody! Thank you too Gina! And do you know, Google ads for Houzz were peppered throughout the body of your post today!!

So sorry. But fine. Let them spend their money advertising on my site! Wow and thank you. Thank you so much Don!

My late brother was also Don. Hi Laurel, I just signed the petition. I stopped looking at Houzz several years ago.

This post was very thorough and insightful. But not surprising. As a side note, I love your posts and witty sense of humour.

You have a very unique way of making one feel like they are sitting across from you having a conversation over coffee!

Thanks so much Penny. Believe me, I was a little nervous when I hit the send button. After all, this TOO is the internet and I take very seriously any allegations of wrong-doing.

Whether we are on their platform or not, they are hurting our industry on many fronts. And that is not something that will be tolerated.

And NO, Ms. Too gross! What an eye-opener! Thanks Laurel for posting this. Such a shame that big companies like this have taken advantage of so many already.

Petition signed! Very happy to help Sara. Your Davida did provide some levity and a smile. I only browse Houzz to look at photos for ideas.

It seems to me that what they are doing is highly unethical and just plain not nice. Also, I wanted to say, that was a beautiful photo of you and your mother that you posted last week.

She looked happy and content in your company. I was too busy to comment last week as I am preparing to visit my own mother soon.

She too is a real gem and also just turned Thank goodness for Face Time and Skype. Wow, Laurel, you sure have opened our eyes to some of the shenanigans going on in the design business, to the detriment of the designers whose talent fuels the business, and with the consumers as the ultimate losers.

I have noticed many times in the computer industry how supposedly user-friendly companies start tightening the noose once they become powerful enough.

But what Houzz has done is simply despicable. Thank you so much Jim! The support is greatly appreciated!

Laurel, well, this was a lot to swallow with morning coffee today! Your Davida provided some needed levity and a smile.

I am not an interior designer, I just occasionally browse Houzz for their photos but if it will help I would be happy to sign the petition.

It appears to me what they are doing is highly unethical. Also, I just wanted to say, that was a beautiful photo of your mother and you last week.

Glad you had such a nice visit with your mother. Thank you so much Maggie. I always enjoy your comments. My mom has a lot of difficulty communicating and understanding but still, I knew that she was so happy that I was there.

I hope that your Mom is doing well. People age so differently. It gets worse! I eagerly await two home improvement posts weekly. One from Houzz magazine, and the other from Laurel Bern interiors.

What else does an amateur need? This is disappointing to read. I assumed pros willingly submitted their images for advertising purposes.

I have purchased several home improvement products and have found them to be stellar. Their prices are better and delivery is faster and more reliable than Amazon.

When my bathroom is finially finished, I am hoping to put pics of it up on houzz with my architect. No, we did not willingly put up our images for advertising purposes, for houzz, that is.

Nor did we give them permission to link to products, often inferior to the ones in our photos for the general public. But yes, that is the danger of giving an online entity control of our intellectual property.

I have ordered from Amazon dozens of times and never had a problem. Conversely, the reviews for customer service for houzz are shockingly poor.

For me, however, the trust is gone. If I see some items that are not kosher, how do I know as a consumer what is a legit product and what is not?

I totally agree with Faxon and will be signing the petition. Laurel, I love your posts and thank you for exposing Houzz for what it really is.

Thank you Gina! I complained and deleted everything I could. Adore the blog. You can have secret boards for yourself, clients, groups, whatever.

I know it was impossible and that so many of the things Houzz is doing is a betrayal to both designers and consumers and that it was impossible to fit it all into one post.

Wonder what Houzz will think of that…. The thing is, it is just one indication that IvyMark was building this feeling of community for designers.

They had a place to share very personal business information and it is no wonder that they feel betrayed now that that information belongs to Houzz.

Based on all the underhanded business practices Houzz is committed to, I would highly recommend no designer ever use IvyMark.

Remodeling and decorating ideas and inspiration for designing your kitchen, bath, patio and more.

Robi and the team at Timeline were fantastic to work with. They helped us sort through the many porcelain slabs available to choose the best one for our kitchen remodel.

Find the perfect lighting, furniture, storage solutions and home accessories all in one location, making furnishing and decorating your home easier than ever.

Renovation and interior design ideas for designing your kitchen, bathroom, lounge, bedroom, verandah and more. A Houzz representative by the name of Emily finally posted my review after I made a few changes due to their policy.

Consider all the windows and doors. Explore subjects like renovating, interior decorating, landscape design, gardening and more. Model and actress Kate Upton, knew that her sister Christie wouldn't.

Over 20 million inspiring photos and thousands of Houzz Australia Ideabooks from top designers. Whether you want inspiration for planning a kitchen renovation or are building a designer kitchen from scratch, Houzz has 2,, images from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including Luigi Rosselli Architects and Envi Construction Pty Ltd.

Find architects, interior designers and home renovation contractors. Had an advertising agreement with Houzz. Browse bedroom decorating ideas and layouts..

Whether you want inspiration for planning a bedroom renovation or are building a designer bedroom from scratch, Houzz has , images from the best designers, decorators,.

Svizzera, brione sopra minusio, locarno, , appartamento di pregio sul lago Wenn Sie kleine Badezimmer gestalten, sind clevere Ideen gefragt.

Celebrities gift home renovations to people who have made an impact in their lives. The actress causes tears of joy with this surprise makeover of her stepmother's kitchen, living room and dining room.

Bathroom 13 February Bad einrichten 5 Dinge, von denen deutsche Houzz-User im Bad träumen. Visit for more. Wintergarten Esszimmer. Ebay Schlafzimmer.

Skip to content. Share this: Facebook Tweet WhatsApp. Related posts: F Küchenlampe Ideen.

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